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Thread: cIos 249 help, usb loader (cfg)

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    cIos 249 help, usb loader (cfg)

    I followed this guide:

    Finally i tried the usb loader and it installs the games pretty well...

    But when i try to play the game it says that the game needs an 249 cios update...
    I tried all the steps but i cant get that thing to work i followed this softmod guide

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    You didn't read the FAT32 guide very well did you. You need to use the 222 version as the 249 version will not work with the revision of cIOS you have installed.

    Another option would be to update 249 to cIOSx rev 20....I would just use the 222 version of cfg instead though.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Oh, well it says that you have to click another link to go to the info, may you help me a bit with that part?

    Btw i was playing with the wii and recorded (backup) dvds and it went into a black screen signaling that some files were corrupted, is that bricked?


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