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Thread: Animal crossing city folk

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    Red face Animal crossing city folk

    Hi, im new here. i mainly joined to ask a question and that is. HOW do you break this game. i sometimes see a guy walking in the air or power jumping or better yet. drop 8 royal crowns and watch people fight over them. i would appreciate being told how to do this and what i need to download to a sd card ( if needed )

    Btw i am loving the twighlight hack

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    you need to boot it in orc, or in geckoOS, there are codes, which i give stuff away, heres what youll need

    Wiihacks - Nintendo Wii Hacks Community - View Single Post - Mario Kart Wii hack <- download that, and only use the PC foldered stuff, and he posted a nice tut on how to use it

    all the items [AiboHack] AC:CF (English) Item Codes<PRE>
    206E23C0 00006E00
    42000000 90000000
    02E2EB22 0000xxxx
    02E2EB24 0000xxxx
    02E2EB26 0000xxxx
    02E2EB28 0000xxxx
    02E2EB2A 0000xxxx
    02E2EB2C 0000xxxx
    02E2EB2E 0000xxxx
    02E2EB30 0000xxxx
    02E2EB32 0000xxxx
    02E2EB34 0000xxxx
    02E2EB36 0000xxxx
    02E2EB38 0000xxxx
    02E2EB3A 0000xxxx
    02E2EB3C 0000xxxx
    02E2EB3E 0000xxxx
    E0000000 80008000
    ^ alll 15 slots push A + B + Z + C + 1 to make them spawn, and replace the x's with the items you want
    for more codes go here
    it has everything you could want heres just some tips from helping people ive learned from this

    if you get all the muse items, it will destroy your save
    if you get all the bugs or fish it will destroy your save
    for the catalog items, some are still not for sale, but everything shows
    donating money to the town doesnt make any real difference it still requires time for stuff, same with the house
    to get promoted as a higher member in the nook store you muse use your points 1 per day
    with the codes per time you load you can only spawn 15, there is one to cycle them, but it froze me when i did it so i dont recomend it

    i hope this helps :3 and i hope in me helping you, youll help other people who want items from AC

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    so as a example of code will this work

    206E23C0 00006E00
    42000000 90000000
    02E2EB22 00009340 'unlimited bells
    02E2EB24 0000C028 'turntable
    02E2EB26 00009658 'snow paper
    02E2EB28 000097F4 '100 turnips
    02E2EB2A 0000998C 'honeybee
    02E2EB2C 00009FB8 'modern wall
    02E2EB2E 0000A2D8 'modern tile
    02E2EB30 0000A990 'space suit
    02E2EB32 0000B720 'exotic chair
    02E2EB34 0000B710 'exotic bed
    02E2EB36 0000BB64 'birdhouse
    02E2EB38 0000BB94 'backyard pool
    02E2EB3A 0000BB90 'barbecue
    02E2EB3C 0000BBE0 'complex machine
    02E2EB3E 0000BF74 'wide-screen TV
    E0000000 80008000
    and when iv collected all the data and iv got that pc kit for ocarina what do i do
    coreylad europe (PAL)

    3.2E >> HBC >> usb loader >> samsung 120GB hdd

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    remove the text of what it is, put it into ocarina, then put in another one and click around till it lets u make it click able, then youll see a [] and you click it to make it to work, then export it to your SD card, put it in your wii, boot animal crossing via geckoOS and it will work

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    What is the games GAME-ID and how do you find it?

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    when u boot in geckoOS it appears, and most sites will say

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    Can u make it normal again? aftr your get items... and u save and load WITHOUT Gecko, will your save data be normal.. example: if you catch all the bugs will it be fine?

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    yes, once its changed, it stays that way, but using the same code twice, will corrupt your data

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    So there is no way to make your game normal again, just with an item? it will always be messed up?

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    what?! -.- learn to read
    if you use it once, it will be that way
    if you use the same code twice IE all muse, all fish, all bugs, it will corrept the data
    if you dont use THOSE codes twice youre fine
    you can keep the spawn oens and such universal, but those work that way

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