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Thread: how can i get home brew back

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    how can i get home brew back

    hi yhere can anyone help me please my wii is 4.2e i had updated to 0.3.9a homebrew and it was fine im using a sd card, then i read that i need wiiflow for just dance 2 to work so i tried to put it on my card in the apps folder but it wasnt working so i foolishly deleated my apps folder and no more homebrew i then downloaded 0.3.9a and put that in my apps folder but now im getting a message saying read error -116 occured im getting message before that saying ip address of successfully retrieved . help please

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    Sigh. This is currently a known issue, the website is down and that's its attempt to "phone home." If you've not done so as yet, a good idea to wander over to the Introduction section and make a quick "hello" post for some excellent starter links.

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