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Thread: Update cIOSs

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    Update cIOSs

    Hi, everybody! This is my first post on WiiHacks. I am running 4.2u and am looking for a program that will help me detect/update my cIOSs (222, 223, 249, 250, etc.), preferaby not PimpMyWii. I've heard good and bad things about that one... Thanks for any input!

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    You could just start at step 2 of Mauifrog's softmod any wii guide found in my sig. That guide is set up with the most recommended IOS' and cIOS'. I recommend this because of the simplicity of the guide. Its a matter of pushing a few buttons on your pc and wii, youll probably be done in less than 10 min. Good luck

    EDIT - I mean Chapt 2, not step 2

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    Thats a very good guide, but my Wii is already modded, has wad managers, usb loaders, priiloader/bootmii, etc. Just want to make sure everything is up to date.

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    Do the first section of this guide.
    (Corrupt/out-of-date/wrong base cIOS install OR PimpMy Wii Failure)

    That will install the recommended cIOS revisions.
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    Thanks, Krank. Everything updated fine. Any tips on the best USB loader? Highest compatability range prefered. Monster Hunter Tri and Madworld are still giving me problems. Haven't tried alot of my other games yet either :S
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    Cfg USB Loader. Look in my signature for a guide to install/use.
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