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Thread: IS it my wiikey or My Wii?

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    Question IS it my wiikey or My Wii?


    Hello everyone i am very new I have a wiikey and loved to play my back-up's After playing Madden 09 and Guitor hero world tour I tried to play one of my back up's and never did all my back up are unable to play. So i uninstalled my wiikey and installed on my friends wii and nothing., No backups will play but regular games will play. I am hoping that its just a bad wiikey so i ordered another wiikey You guys think if i install the new wiikey its will be ok, so that i can play my backups
    Wii in the USA

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    are you sure you can use a Wiikey? that chip is drive important, not a universal chip, also i wouldnt be shocked if u didnt burn it right, speed plays a factor, and some discs dont read on the drive, theres no 100% play discs either, but some of them dont run verbatim, some only run ___ etc

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    thank you. BUt

    I have had this wii/wiikey for about 1/2 year and it worked fine just last week it stoped playing all back-up games but all none-backup's work fine.

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    could it be that you have done a update recently and you have to update your chip firmware

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    thank you but

    thank you but my wii can not read any back-up dvd-r's so i ordered another wiikey thinking that it would fix it by replacing the wiikey. I mean i have played lots of my back-ups before and after playing a off the shelf Madden 09 then tried to play all my backups and nothing.

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    Hey, I had the same problem as you, I opened my wii open the ribbon cable connected to the latch and couldn't close it, turns out I broke the latch off. I installed a new latch and found out that I installed it wrong, I desoldered it and took it out but messed up the pins so I screwed up the drive. Now after 7 months I bought a refurbished drive and can't close the wii still with the latch. Dang if it wasn't the for the problem that you have right now, I would still have my wii.


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