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    Us Sniper Elite Game

    If someone could please help me with the game Sniper Elite, it will be much appreciated. I would like to know what buttons on the remote or nunchuck I should be pushing to throw a grenade and also how to place the TNT near a tank. Any help will be fantastic. Regards

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    to plant tnt select it then hold the A botton and thrust the wiimote back and fourth and i think its the same for throwing grenades but im not 100%

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    Why don't you read the manual that came with your retail disc (that's a hint, OP).

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    i would but mine is in the storage box downstairs and i just cant be bothered to go and look (and yeah i know im lazy)

    ^^^^^^^^pimpness from the mighty bmarlo ^^^^^^^^

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    I'm speaking directly to sugarhand on that one, Rob

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    I know what you are saying, and appreciate your help. My fault for not saying I bought the game used and it had no manual with it. Thanks anyway, my fault on this one.


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