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Thread: error 003 unautorhized device has been detected

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    error 003 unautorhized device has been detected

    Hello people i have got a problem if i turn my wii on it says "error 003 unautorhized device has been detected" if i got my savemii plugged in it says 4.2(euro) and the red light goes on and the green one and nothing else happen a recovery disc won`t start up only a real wii game disc will turn on and it will keep playing untill you turn the wii off

    pls help me

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    Korean Wii that has been region changed.

    Once you update past 4.1 (i.e. 4.2 or 4.3) this happens.

    There is a 100+ page thread a few posts below this.

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    Check the error list in this forum, search for it. Your answer is there.


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