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Thread: Play on-line and PAL/NTSC after softmod

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    Question Play on-line and PAL/NTSC after softmod

    Hello everyone,

    I've Wii version 4.1E and have just recently used softmod for 4.1

    I've tried out with a new backup game using Neogama 8 and it worked just fine with DVD-R

    I've two questions (pardon my ignorance, I'm just a newbie here):

    1. Is it possible to play a backup game on-line in the Wii after softmoding it? Or we should never play a game on-line after softmoding the Wii?

    2. Can I play (with DVD-R) a backup game on the Wii no matter it is PAL or NTSC after softmoding it? Or I can still only use PAL version (I'm from europe)?

    Thanks everyone!
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    I'm right here
    wiihacks doesn't support piracy
    also, make sure you post an intro in the introductions forum (if you haven't already)
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    Don't download games. Go to the store and buy them. Then you won't have any issues. Do what us3rname says and post in intro. You get links and RULES. Read them. Don't be a criminal.


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