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Thread: Wii Shipments Top 75m, 600m for SW, DS tops 135m

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    Wii Shipments Top 75m, 600m for SW, DS tops 135m

    by Jacob Mazel

    Nintendo's results for the six months ending September 30, 2010 have just arrived. It was a pretty slow quarter for the company. Revenue reached 363.16b Yen for the first six months of the March 2011 year. That is down from 548.058b Yen over the same period last year. At 81.7 Yen to the dollar, Nintendo's revenues were only $4.5 billion in the first six months of the current fiscal year, down from $6.7 billion over the same period in 2009. Nintendo posted a loss of 2.011 billion yen ($24.6m loss) for the first half of the fiscal year, on large, non-corporate based risks that went sour in the June quarter. In the previous fiscal year, Nintendo had a 69.492 billion Yen profit over the first six months, about $850 million in profit at current rates. That said, Nintendo's September quarter must have just about offset the huge (hundreds of millions of dollars) June quarter loss to get the six month figure to near even, and so Nintendo is profiting again and on target to hit its revised monetary targets.

    Nintendo shipped 1.93m Wiis for the quarter, the first sub-2m quarter for Wii hardware ever. Nonetheless, Wii hardware shipments now stand at 75.9m units lifetime through September 2010 and should top 80 million units by the end of the year. Nintendo still expects Wii hardware shipments to reach 17.5m units for the year to March 2011. For DS, Nintendo has now shipped 135.58m DS systems lifetime through September 2010, meaning 3.54m DS systems were shipped during the quarter. That is a slight pick up from the previous quarter, presumably because of Pokemon and the recent DS price cuts.

    On the software front, Nintendo noted how its top software performed over the first half of the fiscal year. For Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2 shipments are 5.1m units through September 2010, and Nintendo reconfirmed that Wii Party was a million-seller in the September quarter from Japanese sales alone. For DS, Pokemon Black / White shipments reached 4.07m units - and once again the title only launched in Japan during the quarter. Nintendo also slightly raised its software forecast to 138m units for Wii from 135m units (neither figure includes bundled software, which will be about 30m units this FY because of the two western bundled games and the new bundles in Nov).

    Lifetime to date software shipments figures for Wii stand at 610.04m units lifetime through September. That is a 37.04m unit increase from the previous quarter - rather impressive as no more than 4m units of bundled software shipped for the quarter with hardware shipments so low. The Wii now has an attach rate of 8.037 units per console on a shipment basis (610.04m games / 75.9m Wiis) - and obviously with WW and VC that figure would be higher still. DS software shipments reached 773.34m units lifetime through September 2010, an increase of 32.41m units from the June 2010 quarter - with about 15% of that from Pokemon alone. DS remains Nintendo's largest software ecosystem ever, but Wii is slowly catching up as the massive DS base buys fewer and fewer games. With DS hardware shipments at 135.58m units, the DS attach rate is 5.70 games shipped per DS system worldwide through September 2010. Regionally, the DS software market stands at 306.62m / 49.28m DS units in the Americas, 190.00m / 31.55m DS units in Japan, 276.73m / 54.75m DS systems in Others. For Wii, the splits are at 334.45m / 35.91m Wiis in the Americas, 221.92m / 29.2m Wiis in Others, and 53.67m / 10.79m Wiis in Japan.

    Overall, DS is approaching GB hardware figures in Japan, and now rivals NES / SNES software figures in Japan. Wii remains Nintendo's biggest software market ever in the Americas and the best selling Nintendo console worldwide, and especially outside Japan and the USA. Looking at Nintendo's software history visually, it is pretty clear that Wii is going to destroy the software figures DS reaches in the Americas and Others, as Wii software is within 50m units of DS software in Others with 25m fewer users, and ahead of DS software in the Americas with 15m fewer users.

    VGChartz (Nintendo IR)
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    I saw this on my twitter and had to thank you. I have my Speech to deliver on Monday (see signature) and I have to have outside sources, so I was using this very statistic in my speech. I was going to use last quarters report, but this will give me "more credibility" as it is more recent, so thank you.
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    You bet. I'm glad the information is of real-world use to you. Good luck on your speech!
    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesn’t matter why or how." -- Bushing

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