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Thread: 4.2U Softmodded USB Wont Run Games.

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    4.2U Softmodded USB Wont Run Games.

    Hello , i Succesfully Softmodded my Wii , With USB Loader GX , i got a 1TB Hard Disk Western Digital , but when i run Sonic and the Black Knight it just Shows me a Nice Cool Black Screen -.-!!

    Any Help ?

    EDIT : I Just Tried Sonic and the Secret Rings / Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex
    BUT .......... SAME

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    are all games doing this? What cios are you running?

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    post a link to the guide you used,(only if from this site), and post a syscheck. If you don't know how check the link in my sig on how to post a syscheck.

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    kay ill do it now.


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