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Thread: 4.2U Softmodded USB Wont Run Games.

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    4.2U Softmodded USB Wont Run Games.

    Hello , i Succesfully Softmodded my Wii , With USB Loader GX , i got a 1TB Hard Disk Western Digital , but when i run Sonic and the Black Knight it just Shows me a Nice Cool Black Screen -.-!!

    Any Help ?

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    hi make sure your hard drive is compatable look at this guide make sure it is formated to fat 32 good luck
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    make sure you hdd is on the compatibility list peire linked
    your hdd doesn't have to be fat32, but if it is, then you can store other files on it, so it's a win win
    also, try searching and see if sonic black knight needs a specific ios installed and install it
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