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Thread: softmodded wii 4.2E need it all from begine?

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    softmodded wii 4.2E need it all from begine?

    first of all sorry for my bad english...
    a friend of me softmodded my wii will i was at vacations.. now i can't play mario kart online probably because it need to upgrade to 4.3.... my problem is that i dont know what guide he use for sotfmodding and i don't got any nand backup... what i should do for this?how can i play online games again?what i need to check and post here so you can help me? i use neogamma 7 to load games from my externar hdd...

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    try going to say hello to the introduction threads. They will give you a bunch of useful links there. If I were you, I would search for a 4.2 softmod guide. Maybe messies guide

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    i doit all of this i installed a priiloader but i still can't play mario kart online.... i connect to worldwide but i can't find other players... ((


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