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Thread: Is and down?

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    Is and down?

    Im trying to download the newest version of the home brew channel (Im on 1.0.6 now) and I cant get to either of these websites to open. Ive tried my home comp and work. Where else can I download 1.0.8?


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    here you go

    Say hello in the introductions section to

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    I guess I need Iso58 also do you have a link to that?

    Im trying to update my Ios249 to something higher right now im on v12 and I read that I need 14 or higher to stop some of the freezing Im having in wii flow.
    I donloaded ciosx v20b and it says I need Ios236 before I install it. When I go to install Ios236 It says I need hbc 1.0.7 or newer. Im on hbc 1.0.6 so I want to make sure I get everything I need.

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    follow the softmod guides they will update everything you need ..cios,loader etc recommended softmod any wii - by mauifrog or if you 3.0-4.2 follow the one linked in my sig

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    thanks again will do it tonight.


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