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Thread: Problem getting WBFS Manager to load iso to SD card

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    Problem getting WBFS Manager to load iso to SD card

    I recently softmodded my wii using tutorials I found. Everything went smoothly. I am using uLoader 1.4 to boot games directly from my SD card (yeah, I know it's ghetto but I can't afford an external HD right now). I am using WBFS Manager to load isos on to the SD. Both WBFSM and uLoader are working fine. But, only with very few of the isos I have found.

    The isos I have downloaded that actually work have a size of about 3.2-3.6 GB and an estimated file size of about 2.3-2.6 GB in WBFS Manager. But, the vast majority of isos out there are exactly 4.37 GB. Some I download in .rar format, others just the iso. When I try to open these isos with Winrar, an error message says the "archive is either unknown format or damaged." So, when I load these isos into WBFS manager, their estimated file size is about 0.32 GB, much smaller than the isos I've found that work.

    Here's the thing though, I download the 4.37 isos from torrent sites, and the comments threads for them are full of thanks for the uploader, so I know they aren't bogus.

    I know I'm doing something wrong here, but I just can't figure out what and I'm at my wits end. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!
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    you wont get any help with illegally downloading we dont support piracy here at wiihacks

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