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Thread: Wii Remotes Won't Sync with Preloader 0.29

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    Wii Remotes Won't Sync with Preloader 0.29

    So I let a friend borrow my two Wiimotes. Naturally he had to sync them up to his Wii. Well now I have them back and I can't get them to sync with my Wii. I'm using a softmodded Wii running IOS v60, Systemmenu v440 and Preloader 0.29.

    When I turn on my Wii I get the Preloader screen. Always have actually since I softmodded it. I usually press System Menu and get the normal Wii system menu. Obviously I can't do that at the moment as my Wiimotes aren't working. I've made sure I'm using fresh batteries and even tried the standard "press the red SYNC button on the front of the Wii for 15 seconds, then press the red button by the battery compartment. The Wii just flashes all four blue lights for a few seconds and goes off. None of them ever stay lit. Tried both Wiimotes with no luck.

    So basically it seems like I'm SOL unless I get a hold of a Gamecube controller correct? And even then there's no assurance the GC controller will work either.

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    have you got bootmii installed as boot2???

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    No but I got into the main system menu. Friend of mine happened to be online and had a wireless GameCube controller. That let me get into the main Wii system menu! I was able to get both Wiimotes to sync! w00h00!

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    sorted lol, but you should look into installing bootmii it can be really really useful

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    Just a little tip for the next time you're at your friend: instead of syncing the wiimote by pressing the red buttons, start up a game, hit the home button and then the one to connect wiimotes (forgot what exactly it says :P)
    This way you can sync it with pressing the 1&2 buttons, without permanently syncing it to that wii. Meaning when you get home and hit A on the wiimote, it simply works with your own wii as if it was never taken away.
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