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Thread: Loading homebrew broswer problem..

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    Loading homebrew broswer problem..

    Ok I followed this guide.

    When I load the homebrew browser this is what I get.

    Homebrew Browser v0.3.8
    Waiting for network to init...
    Network init..
    Attem to mount sd card
    attem to mount usb unable to mount. (no usb plugged in) Do I need one?
    Settings loaded from sd card

    Requesting ip address of
    ip address of ... successfully retrieved
    Read Error 116 occurred. Retrying...

    I know that means not network. But not sure how to fix.


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    The Homebrew Browser isn't working at the moment because is down. Apparently, this has happened before in the past, so just try again in a couple of days or look for an updated version of HBB in the usual places.


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