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Thread: Consulting before first soft mod

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    Consulting before first soft mod

    Ok so here's the situation:
    +Wii 4.1u

    +Harddrive 250gb Seagate Desktop; Still not formated.

    +Micro SD SanDisk with a Kngston SD adaptor to standard SD.

    +Zelda Twilight Princess

    I have already scoured this guide:

    I am going to start modding the wii tonight, so perhaps you can give me some advise, or tell me, wich one is better, the bootmii trick or the twilight one.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yeah i know the hard disk is not the exact model in the compatibility guide

    Still im going on...

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    My suggestion is take your time and follow the guide to a tee. By "the bootmii trick or the twilight one" I'm assuming you mean Hackmii or the ancient Twilight Hack. If you're on 4.1 Hackmii will run through Bannerbomb which is what I believe the guide has you do.
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    Actually i have finished step 2, something funny happened, the homebrew channel didnt asked me to get an actualization... fishy

    I have the NAND backup already and i am getting ready for step 3

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    I have finished softmodding the wii already, i am partitioning the hdd and getting ready for some games, i would like to know... what now? i did the guide and didn't get any kind of undesirable situations, so, i need to know, which steps i can skip in this guide:

    EDIT: Nevermind, i found this guide:
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    Last step, can someone help me?

    I am going to forwarder channels, i used this guide

    so i am using an IOS249 wad cpmfiguration, so i guess that, in this other guide, i should use this:

    cIOSx 249 Rev19/20 Users -- Download This -- Extract the RAR File directly to USB:/

    and this:

    Waninkoko cIOSx Rev 19/20 Users - Download 249 Pack and Extract Directly to USB:/

    am i correct?


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