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Thread: How to tell if my kids updated our wii to 4.2u?

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    How to tell if my kids updated our wii to 4.2u?

    I bought our wii used pre modded, was told it came from the store new last spring 2010. I never paid attention to what software it was running since it worked. The HDD looks like it took a hit to the case (scuffed) and then died. I have tried several other HDDs formatted to WBFS and they all freeze the loader if a HDD is plugged in. (Uloader says no HDD detected if not plugged in, so the wii sees it) I was running Uloader, and tried wiifow and configurable loader since the issue started, and they both freeze also. I am wondering if my wii was not 4.2U before and my kids updated it when the hdd died to try and fix it.

    If it was not 4.2U before and was updated would HBC still show in the menu, show the loaders, and then freeze once a HDD is plugged in?

    Also I know it was running HBC 1.0.5 before and is 1.0.8 now.

    Is there any way to check to see if my wii is modded correctly with the intent to run on 4.2U?


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    click on wii then system settings and you will see your version on the top right hand cornor. If you update homebrew browser you are most likely missing ios 58 which is needed. It maybe your problem.

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    Thanks. It is running 4.2u now, just not sure about before...

    Do you have any links or information on how I can find out is I am missing ios 58?


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