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Thread: NBA Jam error #002 blue screen / help needed.

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    Question softmodded Wii ver, 3.2U / need help updating and adding usb loader

    hi first of all i wanna say this site rocks!! so glad i found it.

    My problem is i have a wii system that was softmodded by a friend of mine
    about 1 - 1.5 years ago. the system worked fine the last time i played was with punch out for wii. i saw nba jam was out and figured i would give it a try so i get a backup copy of it and try to start it but i get the "error #002" blue screen as soon as i try to boot the game. i have burned several backups before without any issues, so i dont think its a disc issue. I think my wii needs newer software installed. needless to say my friend that soft modded it before is not available, and i have never modded a wii before. Could someone please give me step by step instructions on how to update my wii to latest softmod.also if it is easier i could do a full re-softmod if that is easier. i also would like to use add usb loader and still be able to play dvd-/+r backups. below is the system info that i have gathered about my wii system.

    1) Wii ver, 3.2U
    2) backup launcher wii gator 0.3 gamma IOS249
    3) homebrew channel 1.01 IOS36 V4.18

    thanks in advance.
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    hey i just used the "mod any wii guide" to update my wii and it works great!
    BTW NBA Jam rocks!!


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