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Thread: Fully bricked \ Black Screen \ nothing is working! what should I do?

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    Fully bricked \ Black Screen \ nothing is working! what should I do?

    ok here's my little story,

    an update has been made on a Wii my friend gave me which I don't have the nand backup nor anything! I didn't modded it myself so I don't know what's in it!

    When I boot it, I get the black screen! I tried the savemii frii with the gc controller and still nothing! I've tried it on a different wii and it works, so my timing and everything is good! I also tried the reset button when booting... nothing!

    I've read that older firmware ( not sure which one) doesn't show up the firmware numbers at the bottom right of the screen! is this possible?

    what should I try?

    if someone has an idea, let me know!


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    when you turn on the wii, does the drive light flash once, or twice quickly? (twice quickly means boot2)
    this'll test to see if bootmii is installed as boot2
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    Do you know if the SM was ever downgraded?

    Any idea what SM it was on prior to the update?

    Can you sync and power on the console with the Wiimote?
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    ^^ I'll give this a try tonight along with switching cables to component! the wii is at my gf house and I'll be there in like 4 hours! keep on comming the ideas! it's really appreciated!

    and is it true that the firmware number might not appear if it's old, and still be in RM, by doing the savemiifrii mod?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krafter View Post
    Looks like he doesn't have boot2 so that won't help.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    I suspect Krafter caught the "two flash" response, and missed that the OP edited/changed to one flash.


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