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    1178 question

    after reading the forums my question is if you get a 1178 disc error ( wich indicates you have to use a usb loader) now will that error come from dvd disc that are not recomended or will it come with all. my point being i used a memorex and a fuji, after reading i need to get some verbatims discs. would that be a useless cost ? will i still get the error with the recomended disc? or is there a chance i got the errors because of using the non recomended discs? and or could there be something else causing this error like maybe the IOS is incorrect or something? or is this saying i did everything right it just wont work because of the chipset? sorry for all the questions but im about nuts from the past 3 days trying to get this done and reading alot of guides with all different ways to make it work and it all comes with a price !! confusion!! well ty in advance , i will keep fingers crossed for a answer that will help. thanks again..

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    Means you are stuck using USB loading, plain and simple... and you have a Wii that doesn't read burned media also...

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    If your Wii is a little bit over a year old or less, then it's a D3-2 drive and this would be wasted money.

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    ty for your advice..


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