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Thread: Rock Band 3 DLC Download Error

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    Exclamation Rock Band 3 DLC Download Error

    I have a question regarding the new rock band 3 game.
    If I want to download a song from the music store it gives me an error: 204036.
    I've failed to read the forum rules and will go do so now. I also patched my IOS with RawkSD Patcher. My wii update is 4.2E. If i want to download a song it gives me the error. I checked on my rock band 2 music store and there I can still download the songs. I have the PAL game and a PAL wii. I run my games through a mod chip. Does anybody know how to solf this problem because im dying to get new dlc since we can use SDHC cards now .
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    Read the forum rules. You will not get any help with that here as piracy is NOT supported. Do not make another thread about this.

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    Damn I suck!!!!

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