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Thread: External HDD problem for USB loader

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    External HDD problem for USB loader

    I have been dumping my games to an external HDD through WFBS manager without any problems for a while now.

    I aint done many games for the last month because i have been busy so at the weekend i decided to freshen up my games list and thats where i got the problem.

    My P.c never picked up the external HDD when i plugged it into my P.c so after about an hour of trying i put it in my XBox 360 and it picked it up no problem, si i thought i would format it which went well then i put it back in my P.c and low and behold it picked it up. I then properly formated through my P.c then opened up WFBS manager and formated it again to that format. Everything worked until the list of games i tried finished loading onto my External HDD. The dam P.c stopped reconizin it again and of course this in turn stopped WFBS manager picking it up so i could not put anymore games on the dam thing. I repeated the same process as above through my XBox 3 times with the same outcome everytime. Is there anything i can do to try and sort this thing out as i cannot remember how to partition my HDD or change the drive name as it has been a long time since i did it.

    Thanks to anyone that can help cos its getting right on my nerves noo

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    for 1 your comp wont recognise wbfs that is what wbfs manager is for. Its also advised to put a small partition of fat32 on your hdd so the pc does pick it up.
    You can always try a fully formatted fat32 hdd which is better as it frees up space for other things.

    Check Krank and Ciles Fat32 guide out
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