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Thread: Wii resort Easter Eggs (Was "Cheats") !!! Please Help

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    Wii resort Easter Eggs (Was "Cheats") !!! Please Help


    I saw a video clips on youtube, some people do the bowling trick by let the ball row on the guard bar til the end of it then Bump. all the pins are knocked off. I read the trick and follow that but still can;t do it. Can some one give me more tips and information. Here is the tips i got from nitendo.

    Secret Strike in 100-pin game in Bowling (cheat)
    1.) The Secret Strike still works on Wii Sports Resort, but now it can be done at any time.
    2.) The secret Strike consists in throwing the ball on the right or the left gutter guard.
    3.) Move to the gutter guard, but set your position (with Direction and Position options) before to be close to the gutter guard.
    4.) The dotted line must be almost parallel to the gutter guard, but lightly turned towards the gutter guard.
    5.) Note: if you want to set the angle but you are close to the gutter guard, move in order to the opposite side then get close again.
    6.) If you do a perfect throw, the ball rides the gutter guard throughout, and switch on the red button at the bottom (your ear the click)!
    7.) An explosion (invisible but you ear the sound) causes then an earthquake which knock down the 100 pins!
    8.) To succeed the Perfect Score (3000 points), perform 13 Secret Strikes in a row…

    100-Pin Game: how to perform the “Gutter Guard Genius” Strike (cheat)
    Gutter Guard Genius challenge description: “Hit the gutter guard once and then get a strike. What do you mean, it’s just luck? It can’t hurt to give it a try!”.It’s not just luck. Here is a way to get the “Stamp”:
    1.) Don’t change the default Position of the Mii.
    2.) Set the Direction to the left or to the right gutter guard (it depends of your feeling…).
    3.) Zoom on the second rail. Note: a gutter guard is made with several rails placed side by side. You can see the spaces between the rails.
    4.) Set the dotted line between the beginning of the rail and the “Wii Sports Resort” logo.
    5.) Tip: the dotted line must have 2 lines from the space between the rails to the logo (= 5 visible lines when you zoom).
    6.) Un-zoom, then throw the ball. Tip: move your arm to the opposite side when you release the ball to spin it (to the right if you aim the left gutter guard, and vice versa).
    7.) Note: to succeed it’s important to knock down in order the Red Pin, and to strongly spin the ball!
    8.) Watch the replay on the video: the Red Pin knock down the white pins on the left side, while the spinning ball knock down the white pins on the right side.
    9.) Warning: end the game session to get the “Gutter Guard Genius Stamp”! The winning message displays after the Level screen.

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    cheats huh? You are joking right?

    2. Piracy and cheating are neither condoned nor supported by WiiHacks. WiiHacks resources and activities support the precepts of “fair use” of the games purchased by our members.

    I am surprised this thread hasn't been closed yet...

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    My first initial reaction was to close this thread, which I did. Seeing the word "cheats," "youtube," and the like sometimes causes such a knee-jerk reaction out of us (or in this case me, lol). Upon further review, as this material is provided by Nintendo itself and more of an "unlockable" feature or "Easter Egg" added benefit, I have re-opened the thread. Apologies, but please be more careful with your choice of words to avoid a misread in the future -- enjoy
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    Ok, I bit.... I actually tried this a few minutes ago. 1 out of 25 tries I hit the red button at the end and 1 out of 32 times I got off the bumper for a strike. OP... this requires some skill and careful throwing. You'll need a bowling coach..... seriously it's really hard to do just takes practice.

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    Sorry i was confuse everyone by the word cheat. I call this a cheat since it is not a proper way to throw the ball. sorry.

    I tries a few time but the ball just go to about 3/4 of the bar then fail. i dont have my wii at the moment, will check it again when i have time to practise, thank you

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    i know that from normal wii sports. friend did that out of luck, we needed ~30-50 tries to let it happen again.
    If the balls off you failed it needs to run the whole lane on the gutter bar.

    two/three steps right or left, angle adjustment only slightly, main directoin is forward, throw in a high arc, try several times
    oh you have a description for that hehe
    good luck

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks


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