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Thread: New sdhc?

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    New sdhc?

    I would like to follow the advice of another member and start from scratch on my ad card. Since my wii already has hbc installed can I use my sdhc card and follow the mod guide starting after the hbc and bootmii has been installed without bricking my wii?

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    P.s after this one I promise not to ask any more stupid questions.

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    You can try. SDHC support is kind of hit or miss. For example I use two different SDHC cards on the Wii and one works with homebrew and one doesn't.
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    I also Use Two Sd cards ,One being a 1GB card to Hack the Wii and One 4gb Sdhc (Official Wii/Ds) That seems to Load Everything from HBC.

    Like said by Darkcide666 It is hit or miss.

    Hope this helps.

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    you are all a bunch of awesome people

    i would like to express my sincere gratitude for helping me fix the problems i was having thank you.
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    Hehe, yes I agree the people here are very helpful and have saved me more times than I can count.

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    usb loader?

    what is the newest versio compatible wtih 4.2 of the usb loader?

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    which loader???? there are a few and all will work with 4.2

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