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Thread: savegame extractor/installers issues...

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    savegame extractor/installers issues...

    Hi all,

    I got the homebrew channel, and now before i can use the animal crossing toolkit, i hear that i have to have a savegame extractor/savegame installed. Well, I went to a website and downloaded both, then when i use WINrar to extract them to my sd card, it tells me that the files already exist. I do not understand how, because when I open the homebrew channel, savegame extractor/savegame installer is not among my options. I really need help with this. I am on the cusp of being able to get the most out of my game, but just can't find what i am looking for. Any help would be appreaciated. Thank you.

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    i figured my problem out, please close this thread

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    I see you are having/had that problem.
    I am too.
    You said that you had figured it out?
    Could you please tell me how you did it?


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