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Thread: dkprog update

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    dkprog update

    getting a jtag id mismatch on win7 64 bit
    Every other part works but spi flash come with ffffff
    Anybody successfully updated yet

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    are there any instructions for DKPROG?

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    no just update program update spi then update jtag trying to see if anyone else has done it Just wondering if xp no 7 is needed

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    i've not seen one in the UK for sale yet, so not tried it

    you could try updating it from a winxp VM?
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    just loaded xp on spare hard drive and still same prob so its not win7 64. Just dowmloaded again and it says in readme that it is caused by using wrong dat file but am 100% sure am using right one but tried other as well. Looks like the team from drivekey have a few more bugs to fix

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    need to change switches on the programer

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    four switches with plastic covering them? Any idea to what? Tried changing region switch to japan

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    there is plastic over the switches take it off and change the switches works

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    change them to what thou?
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    Was told by someone else that the switch config should be 1,3,4 off and 2 on. I just received mine today and havent tested this yet though.

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