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Thread: Another brick in the wall - PAL Wii bricked in Brazil

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    Another brick in the wall - PAL Wii bricked in Brazil

    Hi. We have this PAL Wii soft modded for a year. It is a 4.2 European wii. I used bannerbomb to install everything, including NeoGamma loader. I was careful enough (or lucky enough!!) to keep it safe and working OK. I could not install bootmii in boot2 and I thought I have installed it as IOS, but I am not sure. I installed preloader but I really never tested to see if it would load on start up. Last month, however, I did a mistake and installed a bad wad. It was the first time I tried to do this and I did not pay attention about the risks. After the install I had a black screen and I thought I could recover using the preloader. But it never started. I can switch on the Wii with the Wiimote and the drive flash once at start up and spin both original or back-up disks. But only black screen. No error message, nothing.
    I bought a GC control and tried the Savemii free to see if I would get the recovery menu but It did not work. It was a leadership control, not an original one, so I ordered just in case a savemii chip to see if it will work. I probably get it in a week or so. I do not have a mod chip and I thought to go on and update the Wii to 4.3 in order to recover (if the savemii actually works) even though I know I would loose the softmodding and everything. But it seems that even this update is not really safe and I could ruin the Wii all together. Actually I could not find a thread or more complete comment on the recovery using a legit disk. I know that for Wii users to think loosing their modding, Miis and levels would be a nightmare. My son in very sad about the idea. But to update can really work and may save the Wii from the brick?
    Is there any hope or I can start thinking what to do with this zoombie?

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    If all you did is install a bad wad, it should be fixable, although you might/probably need a autoboot mod chip. Check out the bricked wii stickies, the're loaded with brick fixing. Try this one.

    EDIT- Don't update, your only hope is you still have patched sys ios, or maybe 36.

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    I hate to say it, but that does not sound good. Your description sounds as if you installed a system menu, without installing the required ios to run it. It does not sound like a banner brick, and I suspect that your savemii will not work for you.

    So, what was this wad you installed? If you don't know what it it, post a link to it here and I will have a look. It is best to know what it is, that way you can avoid the issue in the future.

    Let us know the status on the savemii, I wish you the best.
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    if its a wad whats the name of it
    it would help

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    nightsaber, why are you repeating in EVERY thread what has already been said/asked or just talking nonsense?

    I just logged in and every single new post is by you.

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    Hi. Sorry it took too long to reply but I was travelling and the savemii took longer than I thought to arrive. Well, about the wad, It was a SMW game with a title wad. I failed to check the origin. I download it from e-mule, so there was not a fixed link. May be I can upload it to google docs or something like that and provide you a link. I have the files here but it is a bit too big to send by mail (22MB the main one). I installed using the wad manager and I do not think I changed any system, but it is possible. As you thought, the savemii did not work. I tested it and it gave only a red light and no recovery mode. In the flow chart there is a suggestion in these cases to open and unplug the dvd to see if it is a hardware problem, but I am not sure. I ordered a drivekey in any case and I will try again the savemii when I have the drivekey. I will keep you informed and thank you for the solidarity and please let me know if you have any idea which may help.

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    Just an update to say in the end I've sent the Wii to service. They changed the board and I will have to start over again. Thank you people for the help.


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