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Thread: Homebrew browser error -116

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    Homebrew browser error -116

    hi I get "requesting IP from"
    "IP adress of succesefully retrived"

    then the error I get is "read error -116 occured. Retrying....." then it retrys endlessly it worked fine before.

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    And what does the Error Index say on this? Your answer and cause is given therein.

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    one time i got it to where it didnt work right anymore even though i didnt do anything. just download it from and replace it with the old one on your sd card.

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    I diddent do anything it magicaly worked again WTH

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    It wasn't working because Wiibrew was down during a couple of days. Now it's back up.

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    I'm having this problem for the last few days as well. Is the site down again? My connection passes diagnostic test in the system settings.


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