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Thread: Installing wii games on usbhdd keeps freezing!

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    Installing wii games on usbhdd keeps freezing!

    So I'm new to this......I'm trying to install wii games on my hdd. Super Smash Brothers stops copying at around 12% using usb loader gx and configurable usb loader, and gets to random percentages using uloader, like 18 and then 50. Now my hdd is not listed as working or not working on the hdd list so my question is, is it my hdd or something else.

    P.S. I succesfully installed wii play and wii sports.

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    Most likely one of two things.
    1) Your HDD may not be fully compatible.
    2) Your copy of SSBB may have a slight scratch that your Wii laser cannot overcome.

    1) If you have another 8gb USB device, you can try it and see if that fixes it.
    2) If you have a friend who also owns the game you can try to rip their copy. Second option being rent a copy.
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