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Thread: Mednafen-PS3 released yesterday

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    Mednafen-PS3 released yesterday

    mednafen-ps3 - Project Hosting on Google Code
    Found on psx-scene. As it is described, it runs NES, GB, GBC, GBA, SMS, GG systems and will only run .zip files. A lot of other users on psx-scene have posted problems due to this. So before anyone says, "It kicks me back to the XMB!!! It doesnt work!!!", do not unzip the roms.
    For the future, there will be PCE and PCE CD support along with Neo-Geo pocket, Atari Lynx and Wonder Swan support.
    As it does not contain a Readme file, (had to search for this) here you go:
    Mednafen PS3

    This is a port of the Mednafen Multi-System emulator to the Sony Play Station 3.

    Emulates NES GB GBC GBA SMS GG
    Load uncompressed or zipped images
    Save and load save ram and save states
    File browser, place your games on a USB drive, or FTP them to the internal drive
    Fast forward

    The first time you load a game for a system, you will be asked to configure the controls, you can reconfigure them later by pressing L3 + R3.

    PCE and PCE CD support
    Neo-Geo pocket, Atari Lynx and Wonder Swan support
    Better user interface
    Other features

    File Menu
    Up and Down to Scroll the list by 1
    Left and Right to scroll the list by a page
    Cross: Select File or directory
    Circle: Go to previous directory

    In Game:
    Tilt the right stick to the right for fast forward
    R3 to open settings menu
    Hold L3 + L2 to save state
    Hold L3 + R2 to load state
    Hold L3 + R3 to redefine controls

    Settings Menu:
    Up and down to choose setting
    Left and right to change the current settings value

    Thanks to:
    The original author of Mednafen, and all of the emulators it contains.
    The people who make the PS3 jailbreak possible
    I didn't do it!!!! I swear!!!!!
    But if I did, I was justified!!!!

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    Mednafen has been updated to R44.


    * R44 – Edited wiki page Bugs through web user interface.
    * R43 – Add simple sdl version of system code, for better testing
    * R42 – More maintenance
    * R41 – Some maintenance
    * R40 – Add FPS counter to gambatte and nestopia. Move timing functions out of emulators and into system library
    * R39 – Add small font. Pressing circle at top of file browser no longer hangs PS3. Frame rate counter in mednafen.
    * R38 – Edited wiki page Bugs through web user interface.
    * R37 – Edited wiki page Bugs through web user interface.
    * R36 – Edited wiki page Bugs through web user interface.
    * R35 – Bugs/Issues list
    * R34 – Clean up bookmark display
    * R33 – Alias left stick to dpad.
    * R32 – Display log when mednafen fails to load game. Might not be too readable right now.
    * R31 – Hopefully fix longstanding File browser issues!


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