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Thread: Need Help getting this wii-key working? Please Help!!!

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    Us Need Help getting this wii-key working? Please Help!!!

    Hello and Thanks for any help you can give me!! I have an old wii 1st gen, with a D2b set up!!! I had a friend instal the chip!!! The Chip is the beigh one, with the nintendo sticker with it, saposaly the correct one!!! I don't know alot about this stuff, other than I want to play my copy's!!! Now that the chip is installed!!! I havn'e been able to succesfully make it work!! Some games say disk error!! Some show up in the player, then go to error#0001 black screen, when I try to play the game, and some will let me start playing and then go to the black screen aftre a few min. I don't think the chip is working right!! Do I need a firmware update? I thought it was gonna come ready to go!!! Someone please help me out!!! Thank You!

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    Yes, u need an update.. go to the WiiKey Website and dowload their latest
    update which shall be 1.9s and u are good to go.. or simply go to the wiikey
    thread here on Wiihacks the the update may be available to download...
    Have fun..

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