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Thread: Help ....corrupt system

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    Unhappy Help ....corrupt system

    I have searched everywhere can someone point me to a thread which tells me and helps me fix my Wii.

    Problem with my Wii - turn it on says I have a corrupt system, have removed my external hhd, and sd card and restarted it and same thing happens.

    So if anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it

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    That tutorial will fix your issue if you bricked when installing preloader/priiloader. If you didn't brick with Priiloader then please provide more info so we can help you.

    Please provide all the following info (if possible):

    How do you think this error/brick happened?
    What SM and region are you on?
    Do you have Bootmii as boot2? (drive light blinks 2x)
    Can you access Priiloader/Preloader? (Hold reset while powering on)
    Does the error happen after health warning screen or before?
    If no Bootmii or Priiloader, see if you can access recovery mode with Savemiifrii
    Did you softmod with a guide from this site? If so, please provide a link to the tutorial.

    Answering all this will give us the info needed to help you unbrick your system.
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    does it say after warning screen
    "system files are corrupted "the nand files are corrupted"
    please refer to the wii operations manuel"


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