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Thread: another noob getting it wrong

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    another noob getting it wrong

    please for the love of GOD can sombody help me ive at this 2 days now!! grovel grovel apologys apologys ect ect im just a man!

    my wii is version 3.4E ive installed the homebrew channel and followed a vid on youtube: REMOVED EXTERNAL GUIDE

    and using the link downloaded the following :

    usb loader gx

    i followed the next youtube vid: REMOVED EXTERNAL GUIDE

    the problem i have is when i install the rev14 the load the usb loader i get a black screen and nothing happens?

    hopefully ive given you all the details i can and after reading it seams other people are having the same problem can somebody please help/exsplane what im doing wrong

    thanks alot in advance and i hate being a noob
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    Follow this guide or This Guide. to mod your Wii.

    Follow this guide or this guide to setup your HDD.

    YouTube guides are no good and you will not get help with them will get help with the guides here though. Good luck (no need to remove anything, just follow the guide).
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    you should post in the intro section aswell you will be given lots of useful links

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    it says not to ask questions in the intro page didnt want to get anyones back up sorry.

    ref that guide that is very usefull on the moding stage 3-5 it asked you to use Multi-Mod Manager on the homebrew channel not sure where that is?

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    its ok but we ask peoplr to post in the intro beacuse it gives us an opportunity to post a reply with lots of useful links

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