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Thread: backing up wiiware guide?

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    backing up wiiware guide?

    I've noticed that there are a few ways to play backed up wiiware (triiforce, sneek/uneek)available on the site but instructions on how to legitimately acquire the wads is a little harder to find. I did find some software and discussions on other sites/forums that make good sense but I would prefer to read a WiiHacks method for dumping, decrypting(?) and wadding games.

    It seems to me that a person would need to know how to backup their games before considering installing them into an emulated nand.

    Just sayin'... The purpose of installing a nand emulator is to bypass the drive size limit and allow more games to be installed without having to delete any already-owned games. If a person has the need to use an emulated nand then they will NEED to backup their games in order to download (and backup) more. --- Correct?

    Unless they're torrenting. Y'know. Just sayin'.

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    if you read through nand emulation guide its pretty easy to figure it out.Making a guide on how to copy wads is not needed...some things people should figure out them selves(piece together info)

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    subtle hint noted. reading required.


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