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Thread: 4.3 - Should I update?

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    4.3 - Should I update?

    We bought a Wii last christmas, and fairly quickly I found this site and followed the guide to softmod it.
    Due to the kids fighting over the machine, it's been in a box for the last month or so, today they got it out and one said "can i go to the marketplace" wwhich then brought up a prompt that the marketplace app needed updating...which led to the system needing updating...

    At this point I said "Stop", so the wii still has the old firmware, which i believe is 4.2.

    My question is, do I have anything to gain by updating to 4.3? I can see it could prove to be a PITA to softmod after the update (needing indiana jones disk etc.).
    Is there a hacked 4.3 firmware, allowing me whatever benefits there would be from the update, without the pain it would bring?
    Is there a way to prevent the Wii asking for the update if I shouldn't take it..I have kids who do stupid things.

    I did try searching the forum, but there's a lot of information here, and I'm not convinced I understood 1% of it
    ..but I can follow direct instructions.


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    You gain nothing but a headache. 4.3 was designed to prevent/remove softmods only.

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    no benefit on the update, don't do it.
    you could actually use the softmod any wii guide (linked below, to get you up to date (not the systemmenu version, you can even think about downgrading to 4.1 if you like ) and install priiloader alongside which prevents disc and online updates for you).
    priiloader will allow you also to boot directly to your favorite gameloader if you like, so the kids can't mess with anything anymore.

    edit: a short hello in the introduction section would also be nice
    cheers, cu
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    as previously said, there's no need to update
    you can update the shop channel separately in order to use that
    also, install priiloader (if you don't already have it) and block disc and online updates - to prevent accidental updating

    Edit: Vinatec beat me to it (about priiloader)
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    Priiloader all the way

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    lol, Narse, I just tried to wipe that bug off my screen lol, think you got the desired affect mate.


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