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Thread: Whats the Best DVD Burner for creating Backups ?

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    Whats the Best DVD Burner for creating Backups ?

    Hey Folks

    Whats the Best DVD Burner (Brand / Model) for making backups ?



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    For burning's kind of irrelevant. Any drive that works. You can argue the quality of a drive because just like anything else some are high quality while others are junk but that's about all. Both crap and top of the line are going to do the same thing here. IMO if someone actually tells you a specific brand or model it is entirely opinion. When it comes to ripping discs that's another story.
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    I always buy cheap off brands. Doesn't really matter. They all work.

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    If you are wanting to use your computer to do the copying from an original disk then you are most likely out of luck. There are very, very few drives that will read a Wii disk. If you google enough, I'm sure you will come across a make and model of a drive that will do the job. I believe there are only 3 or 4 different models and all where LG drives.

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    well thats sorted then, as long as i burn at x4 using verbatum media using imgburn then i really cant go wrong ;-)

    many thanks folks for your swift replys



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