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Thread: Cannot load wii club penguin

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    Cannot load wii club penguin

    I am new. I convert club penguin ISO to WBFS format but unable to load the game. Wii ver 4.2U using USB configurable loader. What should i do next . Thank in advance

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    are you trying something fancy like loading an outofregion game?
    what is the exact error you get? or is it just a black screen?
    other games do work? you have a good softmodding set up (cIOS249rev17 for example).
    you using a harddrive for loading games? this is formatted to FAT32?

    check the videosettings in cfg loader, select game press 1 to see the settings, change from game default to NTSC for example.
    doesn't give cfg loader any error message?

    good luck for now

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