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Thread: help wii is locked

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    help wii is locked

    Ok heres the story. i softmodded the wii and eerything worked great. I have done it a hundred times, however i have a used wii a buddy gave me and I started from scratch. here is the basics. it looks like he tried some crap and i want to get it going for my kids.

    Ver 4.1 u
    when it comes on it goes to the multimod manager right off the bat. I have tried to downgrade to ios 15 and no luck it fails everytime, I can't get into wii channels because it says system files are corrupted. Kinda stuck. Can I reset it somehow. he did a number on this thing and thats why he gave it to me but even doing 4.3 updated softmods I can't figure this out. any help would be greatly appreciated

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    use dopmii, reinstall system menu and ios60

    if dopmii wont work with ios36 select the patch/downgrade ios36 option first.

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    thanks Bad. I got the menu back but the homebrew apps do not look right. they have command names with no background. Do you think I can downgrade now? ios15 kept failing. do you recommend any packages to download with the correct files

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    Run your wii through the softmod guide below, reinstall SM 4.1 when doing it. Start everything from MMM, reload ios to 250 or perhaps 36 to get chapter 2 to work.
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