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Thread: Wii error code 51331?

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    Wii error code 51331?

    I can't seem to go on the Homebrew Browser or any official Nintendo channel for that matter. I keep getting the error code 51331? Now the internet was working just fine until last week, when I got my laptop. After I got it, it stopped working. Any ideas?

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    check your router settings, (no mac filtering etc)
    go to wii settings, set up your wifi again, make sure you don't accept the update when the connection test succeeded. (also have priiloader installed, with block disc/online updates enabled, will take of accidently hitting the update button and gives an error)
    should all work when wifi is set up correctly

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    Yeah thanks for the answer. The encryption key on my computer wasn't matching the one I put on the Wii, which was the problem.


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