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Thread: Does anyone have a step by step tutorial for twighlight 3.4

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    Does anyone have a step by step tutorial for twighlight 3.4

    Does anyone have a step by step tutorial for the 3.4 twighlight hack? something straight forward and simple would be good

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    ... my god, its been out for idk 2 hours, and you expect a guide, when 90% of the people here who help, didnt update...

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    take it thats a no then I just thought someone might of said just substitute another file or something obviously I wasnt expecting a full tutorial

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    follow the normal guide for twilight hack......3.4 is NO different other than if you reset the wii with the savefile on the wii then the savefile will be deleted and you'll have to put it on the wii again.

    you still put the savefile on the sd card, put the card in the wii, go into data management and copy the savefile from the sd card to the wii, then turn on Zelda Twilight Princess and run the savefile and walk backwards. TADA!

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    clermore ok

    i can help

    i wont to help just pm me

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    Everyone is just so darn kind on this site, its truely amazing, thanks to everyone for their help I now have a working HBC channel on my wii, I only have a few questions left but I will surf around and see what I can find out now.

    1. How to set up ftp from wii to the computer via a router
    2. How to use Gecko something or rather that I dl to play emulated games
    3. Can the Wii play NDS ROMS?
    4. Where do I find clOS installer on the HBC so that I can install the loader ?

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    1 theres programs via homebrew
    2 gecko has nothing to do with emulated games
    3 get a nds emulator, put the roms in the rom folder, and load them
    4 in my Faq its posted, there are many posts here with it


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