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Thread: drivekeyupdate

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    Ca drivekeyupdate

    Received the drivekey update from drivekey how do I install the new firmware do I have to take the wii appart again no instructions can any one help

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    You need a DKProg to update it, I'm waiting for it...

    How DriveKey Works
    Check out the JTAG Cable at the bottom, you'll need that connected as shown for when the DKProg comes out.
    "There's the right way, the wrong way and the Max Power way!!!"

    Wii Drive Key

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    did all that connect programer to tjag and comes back with error for both dat programs read and reread and tried numerous times I think amtel progrm chip is not right only red light comes on even opened the wii up to make sure every thing was intake check the that using the correct info and I was with no success so all i can think of that the programer is bad andy suggestions

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    Are there any instructions to get this drivekey updated? I got my DKPROG. downloaded the software from drivekey site and its not doing anything.

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    same prob here tried email drivekey through feedback. See what happens

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    finally answer dkprogram switches should be set as follows: 3and 4 off on 2 on pwer to drive key
    so 134 shoudl be off 2 should be on on an uninstalled krive key installed in a wii that is not connected to power if the wii is connected to the power then 2 should also of under no circumstances should 1 be on for a drive key update

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    where did you downlaod the software and firmware from? I can't seem to get access to download on


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    got software from drivekey website you need the serial code of the drivekey chip

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    DKprog switch configuration

    Quote Originally Posted by csheldonsmom View Post
    got software from drivekey website you need the serial code of the drivekey chip

    I tried the switch configuration you proposed for the DriveKey Programmer, but that doesn't seems to work. Where could we get the switch details and operations. Or haw do you figure out to get this configuration to work?

    I tried SW1:Off, SW2:On SW3:Off & SW4:Off.
    (Off is for me, when the switches are open, eg. not leaving the current going through).

    Where can we get the JTAG flat ribbon pin-out, that would help a lot. The JTAG is a very well defined standard and so any other JTAG programmer should be able to work with Drive Key ATMEL FPGA (once we know the pin-out of the JTAG Flat Ribbon) .

    thanks for your help.

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    got the info from myfoundcom as i purchased the program from them they sent me the info and it works for me jtag is at the backof the wii runs to the drivekeyeasy access when installed the drivekey so you don't have to open the wii

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