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Thread: Newb on configurable USB...

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    Newb on configurable USB...

    First, I went through the 4.3u tutorial and everything seemed to work great. Thank you for an awesome resource.

    Next, I attached a USB drive and started going through some of the Wii Games to back them up...and I have 2 titles that threw a bunch of read errors (bad scratches)...anyhow, when I try to launch the game from the HDD it just locks up the console. I tried deleting the game from the HDD through the USB loader app using "-" but it skips over that option...what gives? It's like the option is locked out. I can see it in the list but it skips over it. How do I delete the game now? =(
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    Krank has a guide on configurable loader, why don't you look there?

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    I've looked and my question is not answered...but thank you for attempting to assist me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unstable01 View Post
    I've looked and my question is not answered...but thank you for attempting to assist me.
    Maybe you have the delete option turned off in your config. Open the config.txt on your PC with the configurator (found in the usb-loader folder). Global options one - Look for disable remove...set it to 0.

    Or you can open up the config.txt with a text editor and change the 1 to a 0.

    disable_remove = 1
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    i think mauifrog disabled that on purpose to prevent deleting games accedently.

    you can also use wbfs manager to add/delete games on your harddrive (if it is wbfs formatted)
    have a look at the fat32 loading guide linked below if you are on that route/or want to go for that (you could delete a games folder on windows then)

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    Probably did, I have it disabled in mine as well.
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    thank you all for the responses. =) I downloaded explorer and I was poking through the all looks pretty straightforward, but I'm a complete newb on the Wii-mods front.

    additionally (rather than start a new thread)--
    Is there a tutorial I missed on moving WiiWare/Virtual Console games to HDD? from browsing it looks like the game is in a binary "content.bin"...just not sure if it would be as easy as copying it to the HDD and then following the directions for installing it as a channel or not.
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    Search... triiforce, sneek, isoforwarders, mighty channel(coming soon).
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