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Thread: Problem with Lego harry potter 1-4 years

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    Problem with Lego harry potter 1-4 years


    I have a problem with harry potter.
    What is the problem is that I can only play with one controller. Wii'en detect the other but one can then only play with one controller, but only that both characters on the same controller ....

    I've swapped controllers so it is not they who are the problem. But rather the game.

    What happens is that 2 player is a completely different character. Do not have any idea What the problem is.

    Please help


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    Same Issue!

    I am experiencing the same exact problem! Only one wii remote will work- only player 2, and it does not matter which wii remote is in the player 2 spot (that is how I know that there is nothing wrong with the remotes). Did you ever get this fixed? Any suggestions? Please help, this is maddening!

    (I also re-set the sync with all of the wii remotes and system- the 15 second hard re-sync, as instructed by the nintendo support site- still not working!)

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    never had this prob i run off wiiflow and cfg with no probs im on sys 4.1u softmodded
    <--------------------if i helped you at all click thanks its over here!

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    I appreciate your quick response, Jasen! I am not familiar with wiiflow- I looked it up upon your suggestion and I am apprehensive of downloading anything new at the moment (since I am fairly clueless about GUIs). I think I will contact the game manufacturer 1st, then Nintendo if that does not work, and then if that also is unsuccessful, I suppose I will take a crash course in wiiflow. Thank you for your suggestion!

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    Called WB (the game manufacturer) as well as Nintendo, then WB again- basically it is a programming error occurring (rarely) in certain wiis. They escalated my ticket and have to work on an update, patch, or workaround for the lucky few like us who cannot play the 2nd player in a 2p game. Hopefully it will be fixed before Spring!

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