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Thread: WiiFlow Manager by TheBorg aka fb19k7

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    WiiFlow Manager by TheBorg aka fb19k7

    WiiFlow Manager is an easy to use ISO and Wbfs file converter manager, covers and titles downloader.


    •Special cover and title optimisations for WiiFlow.
    •Convert ISO->Wbfs and Wbfs->ISO. (FAT32 and ntfs).
    •Download selected titles, db and covers.
    •Use this manager for other USB loaders too.
    •Fast and easy to use.
    •User friendly.
    •Listing of games with titles, sizes and gameIDs.
    •Batch processing of multiple ISOs and Wbfs files.
    •Ability to use more than one cover directory.
    •Multitasking of game convert and covers downloads.
    •Multilanguage cover download with language priority sequence.
    •One click convert and download.
    •Fast folder scanning.

    Source/Download:wiiflowmanager - Project Hosting on Google Code
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    Does look remarkably similar to WBFS manager
    I'm gonna try it out hope it works as well as backupmanager or gamemanager
    Thanks for the news
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    Nice job Cile
    If you can make a guide i will use it in my signature
    I will try to use it now
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    Guide Wiiflow installation and settings The Best Loader in my opinion

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