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Thread: Wii bricked for no reason...

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    Wii bricked for no reason...

    I have an interesting situation here. My brother modded my Wii for me around a year ago and I had no issues playing games or watching movies with USB loader. A few months ago, however, I had just turned my Wii off for the night after playing FF6. When I woke up, the Wii remote wouldn't sync but the home screen would load. I tried everything and finally just restarted my Wii. Ever since that I get a black screen and the remotes still won't sync. The weird part is that I can turn the Wii on with them so I know it's not the bluetooth module. I didn't make any changes and it was so sudden, so I have no idea what really happened. I also have no idea whether my brother put something like BootMii on it so I can reverse it, but the SD card he loaded for me has it so I'm confused.

    Is there any way to boot it up and fix the error? Do I have to replace something in my Wii? Any help is appreciated, because I still haven't beaten FF6 ):

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    if you have booymii installed as boot2 the blue tray light will flash twice when you turn your wii on

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    Also if you power on while holding reset this will bring up priiloader if you have it.

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    Nope, nothing. So I guess I'm screwed?

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    Please just ignore me

    send in your wii to nintendo. I accidently installed the wii system menu on my father's wii as a wad.out.wad (kind of a zipped file) which bricked his wii
    I still have my primary wii, but I sent in my father's wii and it's coming back in a week or two.

    Who is the best person at hacking Wiis? Nintendo. They know it outside
    and inside, head to toe. cpu to stub. BC to cIOS. Nintendo can create a
    systemmeny, and all you can do is theme it. so if you think you are the
    king of hacking... well, yeah. ur not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malihide View Post
    Nope, nothing. So I guess I'm screwed?
    Not yet...though I think the following will not work:

    If you have a GameCube controller, plug it in the fourth port, hold ALL four directional buttons and if it works, your System Menu version will appear on your screen. You should try this over and over again, because pressing all four directional buttons is tough.

    I am almost sure it will not work, but it's worth a shot.

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    I would put money on a hardware issue unless you're leaving out something you did prior to it's death (which it doesn't sound like you are.) I would have said blue tooth as well, but that's out. Maybe bad_ad84 or someone else who deals with hardware more often will have a fresh view.

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    Could be the WiFi module. I definitely sound like a hardware issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattMaster View Post
    send in your wii to nintendo.
    Don't send it to Nintendo just yet. They will probably send it back if they realize it's modded. That should be a last resort. Give us a chance to see if there is a way you can fix it on your own. It does sound like a hardware issue, but at least try TheBandicootAddict's suggestion.

    I'm not trying to bash MattMaster, but you shouldn't send it to Nintendo unless someone with more experience (like a mod) tells you to. I am not claiming to know everything about Wii's. I freely admit that there is a lot I have to learn (especially when it comes to the Wii's hardware), but I am not a total beginner. Unless someone like Krank, oddgriffin, or another staff member tells you to send it in, don't give up.
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    Are you getting the system menu sounds but no video output?

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