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Thread: ULoader Error-1.. Help?!

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    Wink ULoader Error-1.. Help?!

    OK so I first modded my Wii about 2 years ago and I'm thinking it was FW3.4u cIOS249.. Maybe? Anyway after recently hearing about usb-hdd I couldn't resist. I have everything working with my new FW4.1u, started ripping my games to my hard drive using Uloader 5.1D cIOS222. Well after about my 6th game I get error-1 "not a Wii disc". tried loading the disc through neogamma R8 IOS249 "Error DVD Identity Failed". These are games that I have had working before recently updating my mods. I am kinda a noob to the technical stuff so go easy on me but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    "Error DVD Identity Failed" means you have the wrong cIOS installed. That's what WiiPower says.

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    Well like I was Saying I'm Kinda a noob at the tech. stuff. I followed this guide to update my mods and hadn't had any problems so I should have all these cIOS's installed. Maybe you can help me with a little more detail on what exactly I need to do to correct the problem?

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