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Thread: WBFS manager for Mac

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    Ca WBFS manager for Mac

    Hello All,

    I am new to this site. I am in need of some help. I have got my wii moded and have downloaded the iso files to my computer which is a mac…. I was told I need a wbfs manager to transfer the iso files to my external HD… I am trying to located a WBFS manager that can be used on a mac,. have had no luck on the web,.. can anyone help please.

    Thank You


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    Give this one a try. It doesn't let you format your HDD to WBFS but let's you add games to it once it's been formatted to WBFS. To get your HDD to WBFS without a PC, set the wanted partition to primary and active then format it to FAT. Next, plug the HDD into your Wii, launch your USB loader and it should ask you to format it. If that doesn't work, repeat the above but instead of formatting to FAT, try Free Space (unformatted)

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    Thanks for letting me know where to find the software…. but I have a new issue now…. The wbfs manager does not recognize the fact that the external HD is present…its says” No disk mounted” Any suggestions

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    did you tried to swich the Drive letter
    in WBFS the left corner you will see the drive letter
    see on what drive it is mounted your HDD and in WBFS manager change to the letter
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    I am using the mac version and I cant find any way to switch the drive letter… i read somewhere in the blogs that USB loaded can do the same job.. is it true.. do you have any recommendations of a site where I can download this software????


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