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Thread: WiiMC Update Screws up movies

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    WiiMC Update Screws up movies

    I updated my wiimc from my soft modded wii version 4.0U (HBC v1.0.8 IOS38 v15.27) after installing IOS58. I am now having several problems with it. First of all, my channel forwarder doesn't work and it says I need to reinstall homebrew. I don't know how to do this. To be honest, I dont really understall that Bootmii thing, when I turn on my wii, it starts up and I hit reset to get to the wii menu (probably not the right thing to do).

    So my next issue is when I run wiimc from the hbc, if I watch fast paced movies, it no longer loads fast enough. Movies I watched before updating it, no longer work without stopping to buffer every few seconds. Is there a way to fix this? or just un-update the wiimc so that everything works ok again?

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    if you need to reinstall Homebrew Channel try Hackmii Installer 0.8
    download it form here
    copy the content on the root of Your SD card in aps folder and run via Homebrew Channel
    after you installed Homebrew Channel install Bootmii to.
    If you don't Know how try first to reed some guide
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    Guide Wiiflow installation and settings The Best Loader in my opinion

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    i updated my wiimc to 1.1.0 and it works even better
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    I updated to wiimc 1.1.0 and to tell the truth I think it is worse than 1.0.9
    I watch a lot of movies and since I updated I get a lot more crashes
    I reverted back to 1.0.9 I think this release is quite stable

    This is really my own opinion most people have no problems with 1.1.0
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