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Thread: Epic Mickey New Gameplay Trailer

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    Epic Mickey New Gameplay Trailer

    Release Date: 11/30/2010
    Platforms: Wii
    Publisher: Disney Interactive
    Developer: Junction Point Studios
    Genres: Platformer
    ESRB: E10

    Disney's Epic Mickey is right around the corner for gamers on Nintendo Wii. As we approach release, another new gameplay trailer has been released showcasing some of the painting and combat elements.

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    I'm not a Disney fan...As a matter of fact I absolutely hate the company, but I can't help looking forward to this game.
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    Everything on X-Play I have seen about this game says, it will be a MUST own for the Wii. Looks awsome

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    Spector: Epic Mickey "is the Best-Looking Wii Game Ever"

    The very much hyped Wii title Disney Epic Mickey, from visionary game developer Warren Spector will, according to the creator himself, be the "best-looking Wii game ever".

    His exact words were as follows: “I think this is the best-looking Wii game ever. I think graphically it hits a bar that the best Disney stuff has to hit,”

    “I think that will appeal to people. At the end of the day, Disney fans and non-Disney fans alike will come away with a greater appreciation of Disney’s creative heritage.”

    “This does not play or feel like any other game, but the gamer can make it feel like a Mario game, or a Zelda game. They determine the pace of play.”

    Disney Epic Mickey, developed by Junction Point, will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Wii on November 25th in Europe and November 30th in America.

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